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The Lake County Theatre Company is a community-based group that promotes local theater. 

Tim St. Cyr

A graduate of Lower Lake High School, Tim is a newcomer to the acting scene. Tim got into theatre because it “sounded like a fun thing to do.” He most recently appeared in LCTC’s production of Animal Farm as the Narrator and in LCTC’s Celebrity Lip Sync. Having served with the US Air Force he has worked in healthcare, with the Developmentally Disabled, bending computers to his will professionally, and being self-employed. Tim hopes that this new foray into the performing arts will provide him with a new connection to Lake County. When not performing Tim likes to spend his time with his daughter, hiking, biking, and enjoying the finer beers life has to offer. He would like to thank Tami Gould for dealing with his being gone multiple days of the week for rehearsal. He would also like to thank the members of LCTC for being such amazing people.

LCTC Performances

Animal Farm
Lip Sync
Boeing Boeing

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