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Dashing Through the Snow

Richard Grahn

I have always loved theater ever since I landed the part of Jacob Marley in A Christmas Carol back when I was in 6th grade. 

By the time I got to high school, peer pressure drove me away from the theater. It was okay to take drama class but don't you dare get involved with "Playmakers." If you did, you were gay. In 1980-1983 being gay was a bad thing, so I did not audition. 

In 1982, I was at one of my older brothers parties when I befriended Brian, a giant football player of a man “a tough guy.” I saw a yearbook photo of Brian in a school play,

He was a playmaker. I teased him and called him gay.

He immediately chock slammed me against the wall and threatened to kill me if I didn't explain why I called him gay. I told him because he was a playmaker. He stated “I like theater” I responded “ I do too” He asked “then why don't you do theater?” I stated, “ I didn't want to be called gay.” He let me go and lectured me, “Listen, You do what you want to to do and don't let anyone bully you into not doing anything. Got it?. If anyone messes with you for being a playmaker you tell them Brian will kick their ass.”

That year I did several one-act plays and played Mr. Meeker in Inherit The Wind. I also won a few acting awards. The best part, was having cute girls put make up on me and giving me hugs before going on stage.

Years later, I gave up theater because of work and a drug addiction for 16 years. Basically, in 2000 I got clean and got God in my life.

Today, I'm still clean. Still kicking it with Jesus Christ. I been an extra in the TV show Grimm (season 5 Episode 8), a couple indie films and performed everal ministry theater productions I have written, produced and directed several short films. Im back in theater. I was able to perform in Shakespears Much Ado About Nothing. I recently wrote, produced and directed a short film, The Dream starring Tim Barnes and Barbara Clark and hope to one day direct a feature here in Lake County 

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