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The Lake County Theatre Company is a community-based group that promotes local theater. 

Mr. Lake County Pageant

The Mr. Lake County Pageant may not be prim, proper or even be guaranteed to be polite but it is absolutely a fun time. And, at the end of the night, one lucky individual gets to be Mr. Lake County for the entire year. 

As with most pageant events, this one includes formalwear, talent, swimwear and random questions. However Miss Manners might be missing at this event as the participants have a great time with each component of the event. 

Our previous talent components have included balloon toss, singing, building planters, grafting trees, Elvis impersonators and even having eggs tossed at the participant. Each contestant gets to choose his own "talent." 

This year we're moving the Mr. Lake County Pageant to the beautiful Soper Reese Community Theatre. We're also looking for contestants with, or without, a great talent to be the spokesperson for this beautiful community we all call home for the next year. You can be a Mr. Lake County participant - contact us today and sign-up. It's fun. And easy. And could even be messy. 

Our previous Mr. Lake County winners were:

2017 - Gary Deas

2016 - Tim Barnes

2015 - Larry Richardson

2014 - Sheriff Brian Martin



Mr. Lake County 2017

Gary Deas takes the belt from an unwilling Tim Barnes to become Mr. Lake County 2017. 

Mr. Lake County 2016

Tim Barnes takes the belt from an unwilling Larry Richardson to become Mr. Lake County 2016. 

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