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The Lake County Theatre Company is a community-based group that promotes local theater. 

Helen McMahon

Helen made her acting debut at 7 years of age singing an opening solo under the direction of Claudia Listman in the Middletown Renaissance Pageant. She continued to be very outgoing and active in performing and singing in smaller plays in elementary school.

Along with becoming an accomplished pianist, violin soloist and tenor vocalist she joined the ranks at 14 as a published author of the first book in her science fiction trilogy.

At 15 she went on to performed the part of Hermia in the Northern California's Shakespeare Festival production of  Midsummers Night Dream in Lake County’s First Annual Shakespeare on the Lake performed in Lakeport, directed by John Tomlinson. 

With a near photographic memory she not only had her part committed to memory but most of the other cast members' parts as well. She can recite most the lines of that play, past plays and songs she has performed to this day.

Animal Farm will be her first time performing with LCTC.

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