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The Lake County Theatre Company is a community-based group that promotes local theater. 

June's Performances

Animal Farm

Dashing Through the Snow



South Pacific

June Wilson-Clarkin

June started doing theater seven years ago with LCTC. She did a few plays in her Church and some in elementary school prior to LCTC. Her love for community theater started with Lake County Lip Sync. She participated the first year on a dare by her friends and she was hooked. She went on to do three more Lip Syncs and then moved to plays.  She was in Spamalot, South Pacific, The Producers, Much Ado About Nothing, Dashing Through the Snow, Animal Farm and now Boeing Boeing. So far her favorite role was Frankie Futrelle, in Dashing Through the Snow. Frankie has lots of funny lines, a strong personality and a southern accent. June enjoyed this role yet she feels like her current role as Gloria from New York may take the lead in her favorite part. June loves to make people laugh and theater is a great way to bring laughter to others. When June is not doing theater, she enjoys her family, helping others, hunting with her husband and singing in her church.

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