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Cindy Sobel

The Acting Bug caught Cindy early when she was cast as Susie Snowflake in Kindergarten.  Fast forward to high school, and she was cast in productions of South Pacific and Sound of Music. 

In college, she portrayed the much misunderstood wicked stepmother in Vassalisa, a Russian version of Cinderella.  Fast forward even further (about 40 years!) and Cindy’s husband, Stuart, saw an article in the paper announcing auditions for south Pacific.  He knew she was meant to be in this production and encouraged her to audition.  It worked!  She was cast in the chorus and a small speaking part. 

From there, she was able to work as Stage Manager for the 2 productions of Shakespeare at the Lake, and had a part in the ensemble piece, It’s a Wonderful Life:  Radio Show last Christmas. 

Cindy is once again very happy to be a part of a spectacular ensemble for this year’s Christmas production. 

Cindy would like to thank John Tomlinson for his wonderful guidance and coaching, and Larry Richardson for the opportunity to take on a larger scope this year.  She would also like to thank her exceptional husband, Stuart, for his love and support.

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