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The Lake County Theatre Company is a community-based group that promotes local theater. 

Brianne and Sheila Henry

Sheila and Brianne 17th birthday.JPG

Brianne Henry is a high school Junior honors student at Kelseyville High.

After completing a college class in theatre, Brianne aspired to advance her knowledge into the practical.  Her role as Minimus, Napoleon's lackey in Animal Farm is her first acting experience but definitely not her last.  Brianne loves her role for its' Shakespearean undertone.  She has been bitten with the acting bug and is looking forward to many more roles in the future.

Brianne has travelled to South Korea as a student English teacher and missionary, is an accomplished vocalist, loves to read God's word, ride horses with her mom, and play her violin.

Sheila Henry is a business and real estate owner.  While working in New York City, Sheila had the good fortune of attending many Broadway productions.  This prompted the desire to be on stage.  Sheila is getting her first taste of this excitement as an extra in Animal Farm.  She looks forward to another role in a future production maybe even Shakespeare.

Sheila loves to spend time with her family and enjoys many sporting activities like riding horses, water skiing, snow skiing, trampoline, dune buggies and riding bikes in San Francisco with Brianne.  She also enjoys volunteering her time by helping the elderly and passing out food to those in need.

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