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The Lake County Theatre Company is a community-based group that promotes local theater. 

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Ben Miranda

This is Ben’s first musical. He made his acting debut last year doing Shakespeare, no less. He met John Tomlinson and Barbara Clark the night before the auditions for Much Ado About Nothing. He was so impressed with everything about the production that he went to try out. He ended up landing the part of Don Pedro. He found the role and the time he spent on the set crew fun and definitely challenging. His next show was LCTC’s As You Like It where he played Charles, the court wrestler. 

He would like to thank in no specific order John for guiding him and keeping his cool despite his many mistakes; Barbara for putting up with his antics; and Zoe & Larry for their patience and willingness to slow up and dumb things down for him. He is thankful for this opportunity!

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