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The Lake County Theatre Company is a community-based group that promotes local theater. 

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Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher (aka Pink Tarnation) returns to the theater after a hiatus of 50 years : he last played Ophelia in a Hamlet parody at an all-boys boarding school.  Oklahoma! is the first time he's sung or danced in a chorus (he was demoted to the line after dropping a ballerina), though he is a regular Contra-dancer. 

He is no stranger to the stage, performing his own songs and 50's rock-and-roll standards at open mics round the county. At college he headed the technical crew, specializing in lighting, and has worked backstage for Shakespeare At The Lake. He always dresses up for Renaissance Fairs and costume parties, and is never (well, hardly ever) seen without his signature red hat. He is a programmer on KPFZ 88.1 FM: tune in to his Wordweavers show  "Red Hat Rhymes", featuring poets and lyricists.

When he’s working he does boring computer stuff like databases and web design.

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