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Celebrate the Art of Magic with Illusionist Alvin Lui

Celebrate a very special night of magic with illusionist Alvin Lui in the beautiful Soper Reese Theatre in Lakeport on Saturday, May 27 2017. 

There will be two options - general seating for the main performance or a very unique opportunity to enjoy dinner and a special setting of close-up magic with Alvin. 

We also have some great acts that will take the stage before Alvin including

  • Zoe and Larry Richardson - incredible dance
  • Sarah Dutra and her dance of digital fire
  • Heidi and John - musical duet
  • Ian Smith - juggling and yoyo 
  • My Divas - great all-female vocal group
    • Tickets are available now and you'll want to make your reservations soon or the opportunity will magic!

    Our sincere thanks to Alvin Lui for an incredible performance, Larry and Zoe Richardson for a great meal and Grandma Cheese’s for the desserts along with our terrific pre-show acts.

    About Alvin Lui

    Alvin's love of magic began at the age of 14 when his father brought home a video of a David Copperfield television special. He was instantly hooked, but Alvin knew nothing of magic stores, magic clubs, or magic kits. As a result, he grew up inventing his own tricks and illusions.  This helped him cultivate a unique perspective on the art of magic which he now shares at theaters, corporate events, restaurants, and private parties.

    In each performance, Alvin not only mystifies and entertains, but weaves in elements from other parts of his life; creating a memorable, engaging, and theatrical experience.  His goal is to present magic in a way that will resonate with everyone, regardless of their culture or background. His passion and legerdemain shines through with every performance.

    Alvin is an active member of The Society of American Magicians, founded in 1902.  It is the world's oldest and most prestigious magic organization.  Alvin is proud to be associated with an establishment that preserves, elevates, and advances the Art of Magic.

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