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Crappy Christmas Carolers are back!!

We have gathered our finest singers to bring Christmas joy into your home or workplace.  The thing is, we have no theatre to rehearse in... so, we are not very good... pretty darn crappy actually.  You may end up wanting us to leave and spread the joy elsewhere.  There are three ways to get us to leave...  

$10 donation, we will leave

$20 donation, we will leave and you get to tell us where to go next

$40 donation, we will leave, you tell us where to go, and we will never come back to you again

All donations go to LCTC's building fund, for the Joshua Phillips-Blair Memorial Theatre

December 11, 12, 18, 19

Contact Maheanani Phillips if you would like to be a part of this crappy new tradition or if you want to send us to that annoying guy from work's house, you know the one that always eats your lunch even though it was clearly marked with your name on it.

707-533-5415 or maheanani@gmail.com